5. Designing Your Dream Home

Posted by A.J. On May 15th

The beauty of building a new home is that you can dictate every detail of the design, customized exactly how you want. This can be your chance to have a “dream home!” But where do you start?

Designing a HomeThis is the fifth tip in What’s New in New Construction: 12 Tips for Building a Home in Southwest Florida Today, a free eBook.

Every new home begins with a plan. Some people hire an architect to create a custom design. Others purchase stock plans from a building plans publisher. So, how do you know which option is right for you? Try these suggestions to help you determine the best course of action:

Browse the Web
Just do an online search for “home plans” and you’ll find hundreds of websites that can help you get started with your home plan. These sites have powerful search engines that allow you to search by broad styles, as well as put in detailed information about the style and size of the home you’re looking for. You can browse through plans until you find one that is the “perfect fit”. These plans include floor plans and elevation drawings. Once you find the one you like, simply click on the link to order the plan, and you’ll be sent the the complete construction drawings. Once you have those, just hand it over to your builder, and you’re off and running!

Browse through Catalogs
Maybe you prefer to have a tangible book to sit down with and begin imagining your dream home. There are many different catalogs available which have thousands of stock building plans. (Just search “home plans” in Amazon and you’ll see hundreds of results.) These include floor plans and elevation drawings, and allow you to order the complete construction drawings for your builder.

Travel Back in Time
Do you like the charm and character of older, traditionally-styled homes? Ever tried looking at the original building plans used in days-gone-by? These plans probably won’t have the detailed specifications you need to construct your home but they are a good starting place if you are trying to recreate a historic design. If you go this route, you may need an architect to create the complete design.

Design It Yourself
With today’s technology, you don’t need any drawing skills whatsoever to design a house plan on your own. There are many easy online tools that can help you draw floor plans and sketch your dream house ideas. You may also consider investing in a home design software program to create the complete plans.

Hire an Architect
Maybe you’re after something that is unique to you. Maybe your dream home just doesn’t exist online or in a catalog. Maybe you need someone who can design a home that is as special and unique as you are! In this case, you may want to consider hiring an architect. The beautiful, stunning homes in glossy magazines are almost always custom-designed by licensed architects. These are unique creations of skilled men and women who possess a great deal of creativity and expertise in their field. This allows them to explore new and unexpected possibilities, and create a home design that is truly amazing.

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